CRACK Baseball Shutting Down on September 1st

CRACK Baseball will be ceasing operations on September 1st

Our team will be turning off its servers and delisting the mobile app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We began developing CRACK Baseball in early April, releasing it publicly on the 20th of that month (yeah, we know). It began as an aggregator and curator of Major League Baseball news and videos, paired with real-time play-by-play updates as well as game schedules, scores, and standings. We knew these features weren’t unique but helped us learn the basics of what an app for sports fans involved.

By the end of June, we had pivoted the app towards predicting the outcome of games. We wanted to help people make and track their picks for every game on the MLB schedule. Would people enjoy tracking how accurate their predictions are, testing how well they know the teams and the games? Would people enjoy comparing and discussing their picks, to share their insights and compare their results?

While many people found our simple approach to water cooler chats about games with casual “bets” on who’d win to be enjoyable enough, we haven’t found a way to foster the discussions and interactions we hoped would keep people engaged daily and over time. In other words, we failed to find a compelling app experience for enough baseball fans.

Now at the end of August, the realities of running our business require us to cut our losses here and shift our resources to another project with more business progress and promise (nom nom nom).

We met quite a few characters throughout the United States in our time working on CRACK Baseball. We’re happy to have bantered with you, to have delivered a few smiles and chuckles, and to have gotten a quite a few in return. We will miss you.

The season is over for us, but the game goes on.

CRACK Baseball Team

PS – Dodgers are totally gonna win the World Series this year.