Contest Winners | August Accuracy Action

The “August Accuracy Action” Contest Has Officially Ended

We’ve had another amazing two weeks in baseball. This time we’re only sending one extremely wise winner two MLB tickets to a game nearest them.

Please join me in congratulating “Ikey 1020” with one day’s worth of 100% correctly picked games in Major League Baseball!

Great job, mam or sir! If you haven’t seen yet, please check your email as we’ve sent you a personal congratulations from all of us here, at CRACK Baseball.

As for the rest of you scrubs, another contest in which to prove yourselves will be starting soon! Incredibly, we only had one other person achieve the same level of awesomeness as “Ikey 1020”. My best was merely 80%… slightly better than last time…

If you’re having trouble deciding on your picks, try reaching out to our extremely knowledgeable community, or use one of our many statistical features within the app!

Be on the lookout for continued updates from us, and a new contest will be starting shortly.

Future Contest Participants

Please add your email addresses to your profile in-app or we will have no way of directly communicating with you!! It is also one of the main requirements for active enrollment as a competitor within our contests. As you may have noticed: “Ikey 1020” was not the top slotted contestant, and he has won the contest for this specific reason.

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