Contest Winners | Accuracy After All-Star Game

The “Accuracy After the All-Star Game” Has Officially Ended

It’s been an amazing two weeks in baseball, and with it, our contest comes to a close. As fun as competing may be, winning is definitely the cherry on top! This time we’re sending each of our top three extremely wise contestants two MLB tickets to a game nearest them! Please join me in congratulating our contest winners:

  • 1st Place: kevin (100% / 93%)
  • 2nd Place: BJ (100% / 87%)
  • 3rd Place: Cringle 43 (100% / 80%)

Great job you three! We will be emailing you all shortly.

Future contest winners: Please add your email addresses to your profile in-app or we will have no way of directly communicating!!

As for the rest of you, better luck next time! The top 10 contestants all had at least 1 day of 100% correct picks…simply amazing! My best day was…73%…

This contest had its fair share of twists and turns; many different players held the top three slots at one point or another — only to be overtaken by an insanely accurate day among a few smarty pants in our community. It’s definitely been exciting seeing so many of you rise (and fall) to the challenge!

CRACK to the Future

If you’re having trouble deciding on your picks, don’t forget to reach out to our extremely knowledgeable community within the app! In addition, feel free to ask any of our contest winners¬† how they succeeded whenever you see them in the comments feed! Don’t forget, we’ve been adding new features to help better guide your decision making process; such as:

  1. “Last Head-to-Head Results” is clickable and leads to game histories where users can view more detailed information about what happened (such as who was home vs. away, box score, etc.)
  2. Team Screens are also clickable and lead to lead to win-loss records, league rankings, season results, and you VS crowd accuracy, as well as recent news about that specific team.

Aside from that, we’ve been posting new quizzes (Easy | Quiz #1, Med. | Quiz #2, Hard | Quiz #3, Hard | Quiz #4, Med. | Quiz #5, Easy | Quiz #6, and Easy | Quiz #7) on a daily basis and we’re forging a way for everyone to be able to create their own groups for private chat and leader-boards to compete with friends and other fans!

Be on the lookout for continued updates from us and a new contest will be starting this week!!