Contest Winner “Dodger Blue” is Going to the Game!

Hello my fellow CRACK users! Last weekend our boy, “Dodger Blue”, won the Accuracy Before The All Star Game Challenge, and with that two tickets to this Saturday’s Dodgers vs. Braves game in Los Angeles!

That’s right, none of you rookies managed to outpace the clairvoyance of this veteran picker of winners and losers. Bask in the glory that is Brian “Dodger Blue”!

Yes, that IS a Vin Scully // Hello Kitty sandwich.

For anyone out there who has not yet had their morning/lunch/afternoon/evening/late night/morning coffees, Brian’s favorite team is the LA Dodgers. We love getting to know other baseball fans, especially those with the power to accurately predict the outcomes of MLB games. So when he won the contest, we jumped at the opportunity to ask him a bunch of questions, and in our chat sessions he shared a cute anecdote about how he grew up with baseball:

“As a kid (in the 70’s) my brother and I knew the Dodger teams by heart. I remember when we would play against each other using wiffle balls, a plastic golf ball, and the little wooden bats you get at Dodger stadium. Then, we would both pretend to be the Dodgers. I remember watching Sunday morning baseball games on T.V. with our Dad, listening to the greatest announcer ever: Vin Scully.”

Man, sounds like good times. As many of you probably know, good ol’ Vin Scully recently retired, having been with the Dodgers since the 1950s back when they were originally in Brooklyn.

It’s easy to be a Dodgers fan these days, what with them being 66/30 so far this season, but Brian is clearly a true lifelong fan. So how confident is he in his team taking it all the way to the World Series?

“Very Confident!! If they keep playing like they are, they should win it all!! But, we will see come playoff time, they have to stay HOT and get home field advantage throughout.”

Hooboy, you heard it here first folks: Brian “Dodger Blue” is calling out the LA Dodgers as this year’s World Series Champions! Time to make your bets ladies and gents, and all it’ll take to win this sucker is home field advantage…how hard can that be?!

Hey “Dodger Blue”, care to make a wager? We’ll bet the Dodgers blow it in the playoffs. Haha, just kidding…or are we…??

After all, the Atlanta Braves just ended the Boys in Blue’s 11-game win streak, at Dodger Stadium no less. Nevertheless, we’re positive they’ll make the postseason easily. Surely the mere presence of Brian and his wife at this Saturday’s game will result in a win for the home team.

While chatting with “Dodger Blue” about what he enjoys the most (getting correct picks) and what he enjoys the least (getting incorrect picks!), he also mentioned what he likes most when interacting with other CRACK community members and his prediction contest competition:

“I like when people answer: ‘Why are you picking this team?’ That’s when the comments from the other competitors get better. Especially when I’m rooting against their team. I like the guys that know baseball and don’t get too crazy and out hand. After all, it is just a game.”

And indeed it is, Brian, as we too enjoy discussing the many reasons that lead us to pick a team to win each game, whether big or small, rational or emotional, serious or silly.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest, and to Brian for showing us how to pick winners. Don’t miss participating in the current open contest! All that counts are your best one-day prediction success rates. If your results weren’t so hot today, don’t worry, keep picking, and your picks may reward you tomorrow.

Oh, and make sure you update CRACK next week, as we have awesome new features in the works, including new ways to show off how good you are at picking winners so you can strut your stuff!

For our boy, Blue:

“It’s time for Dodger baseball! Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good day to you, wherever you may be.” -Vin Scully

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